“Your lecture on the Globe Theatre last night was a real tour de force. I enjoyed it enormously, and so I am sure did the rest of the audience. I despair of finding someone to follow you next year.”


Mark Mitchels

is an entertaining speaker on a range of general subjects which require no specialized knowledge in advance from his audiences. His engaging, relaxed lecture style is much praised.

"Words - and you were talking about Charles Dickens - cannot adequately describe the fascination of all that you had to tell us of the great man. He was a master of the English language and you conveyed that to us with a professionalism that held us all spellbound."

“I heard your lecture last night to the National Trust and I must write to say how excited I was by it ... your approach, your enthusiasm bowled us over. I wish it could have gone on much longer.”

Mark Mitchels MA taught at Woodbridge School in Suffolk for many years. His subjects were English and History, both of which he enjoyed teaching to the highest examination levels. He was subsequently appointed Head of Cultural Studies, a post he relished as it enabled him to indulge his passion for art and music while continuing to explore literature and the past. He believes the key to successful teaching is the ability to tell a good story - and his lessons at their best, were always performances!

Over the years he became involved in a number of local historical projects, including being a guide on the site of the world-famous Anglo-Saxon Burial Ship at Sutton Hoo. He also edited the Saxon Magazine during this period.

With his wife, Elizabeth, he has written a number of successful books about East Anglia. Mark is a photographer as well as an author. Among his published works are Suffolk a Portrait in Colour; Norfolk in Colour; Essex in Colour; Explore East Anglia; The Villages of Suffolk, and Treasure Hoards of East Anglia. He is also a contributor to the prestigious New Aldeburgh Anthology.

He is well known as a lecturer in East Anglia, speaking on subjects which range from Elizabethan theatre to the Lost City of Dunwich, and from Dickens to the Bayeux Tapestry via Mozart and Crippen! A recent addition to his list concerns the Royal Navy in the Victorian era. Other late arrivals include Matthew Harrison - the Witchfinder General, and the Swedish warship “Vasa”.

Illustrated talks are PowerPoint Presentations.

He speaks to all sorts of groups and societies, including the National Trust, U3A, WEA, WI and many other historical and literary gatherings. Bookings can be accepted for any UK / EU venue. For fees please contact: Mitchels_manbury@hotmail.com

Mark will be scaling down his public lecturing commitments after 2019, but still invites enquiries.

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