Classic Comic Novels

If you made a list of the great works of literature in English it’s a fair bet not one of them would be a comedy. And yet comic writing is perhaps the most difficult of all. Unlike the others – romance, crime, thrillers and so on, the individual readers impose their own taste. Sadly, the writers of this most demanding form are frequently ignored when prizes and honours are being distributed. But as we all know, there are few more satisfying experiences than reading a thoroughly amusing book – the sort that has you in uncontrollable fits of laughter even in a public space. There have been many comic classics written in the last century, and tastes are always changing, but some titles just keep on going, delighting generation after generation. I’ve taken a few of the very best and I hope you approve of my choice. To whet your appetite – Three Men in a Boat; Right Ho, Jeeves and Cold Comfort Farm, and there are more!