The Suffolk Coast

From Corton in the north to the port of Ipswich over 40 miles to the south, the Suffolk Coast is still largely unknown to even East Anglians. A glance at a map supplies part of the answer - there is no coast road, and so the impact of modern transport has been minimized. Walking is still the best, and sometimes the only way, to explore this region. This illustrated talk includes the popular resorts of Lowestoft, Southwold and Felixstowe, and the historic towns of Aldeburgh, Orford and Woodbridge with their lovely rivers Alde, Ore and Deben. But between these places are miles of sea shore and glorious deserted spaces. The story of the lost city of Dunwich provides a sobering example of how threatened this coastline is by the ravages of the sea and eternal erosion. But there are wonderful, secret places still to be enjoyed, and this talk might set you off in pursuit of them!