The Cretingham Murder Mystery

In October 1887 the vicar of the pretty Suffolk village of Cretingham had his throat cut by his curate! The vicar’s wife was the only witness to the deed, and her part in the whole business has fascinated all who have delved into these murky depths of village life, long ago. The inquest and trial which followed were covered by the local and national newspapers with an enthusiasm bordering on delight. The inquest took place in The Bell Inn the next day and a detailed record of the occasion survives. In many ways this was the most dramatic moment in the story. Accordingly, Mark Mitchels recreates the cross-examinations which took place that morning, while the events were barely a day old. It is a grim story which continues to divide opinion. He pursues the case to its final sad verdict. As in all the best whodunnits, we shall never know what really happened, but that does not stop us from reaching a conclusion!

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