More Characters of East Anglia

Following his successful series of word portraits of East Anglian characters Mark Mitchels has put together a further series of people who have made their mark on history. These include Harold Davidson who was, for a brief time, on the front page of every newspaper as the infamous Rector of Stiffkey, the man who left his quiet Norfolk parish every Monday to spend his week among the prostitutes of London. His decline and fall was inevitable but still no cause for rejoicing. There is also Hervey of Ickworth who richly merits his description as an English eccentric. Margaret Catchpole occupies a unique place in Suffolk legend. There would seem to be few places where she did not work or visit! The story of her love for Will Laud continues to inspire and entertain coachloads of tourists. There may be more Characters in the programme too so the chronicle of the good (and the not so good) continues.