The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

In 1939 Mrs Edith Pretty, the owner of the Sutton Hoo estate, decided to excavate the mounds which overlooked the River Deben. She employed a Suffolk man, Basil Brown, and by the end of that summer Britain had a discovery of international importance, the British Museum had a collection of treasure which for both beauty and value has never been exceeded and the historians had a completely new view of our ancestors - the Anglo Saxons. The site has been described as ‘Page One of English history’. This illustrated lecture tells the story of the excavation and attempts to recreate the moment when a remarkable people sent their leader on his final voyage. Sutton Hoo is now one of the National Trust’s most successful tourist attractions, and people are curious to know what happened in what are lazily called the Dark Ages. This talk hopes to shed a shaft of light!